The Cormack Management Team

Our management team consists of seasoned professionals who will be there to meet your every need. We look at a project as an integrated collection of systems working in conjunction with specific sites. Our extensive knowledge-base of appropriate options and methods are our forte. We have the ability to control the detailed flow of information required to complete EnergyStar and Green Building projects.

Coordinating the project design, based on the client's needs and wishes, with the current labor and material resources is what we enjoy, and it shows in the end product. There are a lot of new innovative materials flooding the marketplace claiming to save energy and resources. We are extremely particular about everything that we do. Before we replace the enduring materials and methods that we have used for decades, our critical staff reviews and tests them from every angle. Some pass muster and many do not. Our expertise assures you that if we are comfortable using a product, you can enjoy it with confidence.

The budget of a project is tracked from the initial onset of the contract, until the vacuum cleaner is loaded into the truck on our way out. Projects usually change, some a little and some a lot. We track those changes with our Change Management Process. This starts with the recording of a potential change. We then estimate or price all of the affects that the change will have on the budget and schedule. The process ends with a formal signed change order so that everyone knows where we stand.

We can control a schedule to meet your needs with weekly updates from the field keeping everyone on the same page. A project schedule is normally included with the contract, and is ammended by the change order process if need be.

We can help with material selections as much as or as little as you prefer. We realize that everyone is different and our mission statement supports that. Our management and design staff know the right questions to ask to ensure an outcome that is just right for you.

Budget, schedule, and quality of work are all important. Communication is paramount. We communicate with clients in numerous ways, taking advantage of all of the latest methods. We create 3D models of complex projects to give our "visual" clients a more clear picture of how things are going to look. With our guidance clients can see what their house will look like as they come down the driveway, or what they will see when they enter a room.

Gordon Cormack — President

Gordon started in the construction trade as a carpenter's apprentice. Five years later, he founded Gordon Cormack Builders. Over the years, the business expanded in scope, so in 2005, Gordon formed Cormack Construction Management, Inc. to encompass design, construction, and custom millwork, while meeting clients' needs for superior quality, sound budget and scheduling management, and efficient, professional service.

Gordon has a Bachelor's Degree with Honors in Business Management. He has earned the designations of Graduate Master Builder, Certified Graduate Remodeler and Certified Green Professional from the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB). He is a Certified 'Aging in Place' Specialist (CAPS) and continues to pursue all opportunities to expand his knowledge to better serve our clients.

Suzanne Edwards LEED AP — Operations Manager

Suzanne joined Cormack Construction in 2008 after working for a major Mt. Washington Valley home center for several years. Previously she was a successful retail area manager, trainer, and mentor.

She is an avid learner, with a Bachelor’s from Plymouth State University, a LEED AP (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design Accredited Professional) designation from USGBC, and is an assistant fire chief at the Firefighter II level in her local volunteer fire department.

Suzanne’s strengths include the ability to manage information and resources, as well as communicate clearly and decisively. This helps our customers and project management teams make informed decisions, allowing projects to proceed efficiently. Her attention to detail aids the entire Cormack team in achieving customer satisfaction.

Lee V. Toscano — Controller

Lee joined CCM as our Corporate Controller in April 2020. He is an experienced Accounting/Finance professional who has worked in the Telecommunications Construction sector since 1997. His expertise is in Project Financial Planning and Control.

Lee has obtained an MBA degree and J.D. in Law.

Alyssa Mendez – Project Manager

Alyssa joined the Cormack team in 2016. She first entered the construction industry in 2008 as a legal assistant for a Boston law firm dedicated exclusively to construction law. In 2012, she joined a Boston-based construction management firm where she gained valuable experience as a project administrator, construction insurance analyst, and earned her CRIS (Construction Risk and Insurance Specialist) designation.

Alyssa is action-oriented and results driven, with the ability to persevere through the ups and downs of a typical project until the desired results are achieved.

Robin Russell – Project Manager

Joining the team at the beginning of 2018, Robin hit the ground running and it quickly became apparent that she gives 100% at all times, making that extra effort showing her clients she cares about every detail. She brings a wealth of knowledge from over 30 years of customer service and management experience in the construction industry.

It is with her warmth and genuine nature, Robin forges strong working relationships with colleagues and clients alike, putting them at ease and giving them confidence. She desires to achieve the best possible outcome.

Mark Hounsell – Project Manager

Along with his great interpersonal skills and world-class customer service, Mark brings over 40 years of construction experience to the Cormack Team.

Mark enjoys working closely with clients from concept to completion and he feels that nothing is more satisfying than a happy client.

Nathan Alander – Estimator

After receiving his B.A. in English from Plymouth State University in 2003, Nathan settled back in the Mount Washington Valley. Nathan quickly realized that a career in the trades could provide a good life as he was starting a family and he found a job with a small local contractor in 2006.

Nathan joined Cormack Construction in November of 2015 with 9 years of carpentry experience under his belt. His career with Cormack has progressed from Carpenter to Bench Carpenter to Job Site Supervisor. In September of 2020, Nathan received a Certificate of Achievement in Construction Supervision through Associated Builders and Contractors.

In December of 2021, Nathan transitioned into the office and accepted the Estimating role with Cormack. His field experience, knowledge of the building process and attention to detail provide him with a strong skill set for the Estimating role.

Rick Holt — Architect

Richard G. Holt, AIA, NCARB earned his architectural degree from Carnegie Mellon University and has extensive experience in residential, commercial, and institutional design and construction.

With a special interest in energy efficiency, his work has earned many awards, including a Solar Design Award from the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development.

He has recently returned from California where his projects included the complete renovation of, and addition to, an iconic 165 room hotel, and the adaptive re-use of a former publishing facility by preserving the 44-year-old structure and creating a green-certified, high-tech collaborative work space.

Joseph De Serrano — Director of Design

Joseph De Serrano, AIA has over 20 years’ experience designing residential and commercial buildings. Originally from Nashua, NH he spent several years working on the west coast. While living in Seattle, WA he developed an interest in energy efficiency and green residential design.

Joseph holds a Bachelor of Architecture from the University of Washington, and a Master’s of Science and Engineering Management from Montana State University. Joseph is a certified Age in Place specialist from the National Association of Home Builders.

Thomas Cracolici — Senior Designer

Thomas Cracolici, AAIA, NCARB holds both a Bachelor's of Science and a Master's of Architecture Degree from Wentworth Institute of Technology in Boston, MA where he was awarded a Design Excellence Award for his thesis project. Tom has extensive experience in high-end custom residential projects, as well as commercial and institutional design across New England.

With special interest in adaptive intervention, historically-sensitive design, environmental inclusivity and sustainability, he enjoys creating exciting, distinguished architecture. Tom’s experience in working for a variety of firms has provided him with a strong working knowledge, enabling him to contribute valuable and informed insight for Cormack’s projects.

Elysia Desjardins — Designer

Elysia joined the team in June 2021 after completing her Architectural & Technical Engineering Associate's Degree.

She is a quick and outgoing draftsperson with a passion for residential code and design.

Elysia’s strengths include 3D modeling skills and a determination to accomplish our client’s wants and needs throughout the design-build process.

The Cormack Construction and Millwork Team

We have risen to the level we are at today due to our construction and millwork teams. Our carpenters are talented craftspeople that know how to create enduring products. They love to build things with their hands and it shows. Different backgrounds and various fields of education within a crew, offer a wide knowledgebase of solutions to draw from. Teamwork abounds on our projects.

Our Supervisors are truly superior agents for the company. It takes the right temperament to coordinate and control all of the personalities, logistics and details that are involved in the construction of a project. It requires an eye for detail that is constantly watching the big picture. They must see with clarity how all of the products and methods meld together to ensure an enduring final product that exemplifies "Cormack work." It also requires the knowledge of function that only experience can supply.

Our Supervisors have been with us for many years and are dedicated to producing the best structures and joinery possible with today's methods and materials. They have all come up through the ranks and interact with the other members of the team with an attitude and enthusiasm that encourages everyone to perform at their best.

Subcontractors are integral to many of our projects. They appreciate the comprehensive organization, preparation, and the respect that they receive on a "Cormack job." When they arrive at a site ready to work, they find that we have anticipated their needs so that they can work safely and efficiently.

Safety control at our jobsites is the result of a stringent safety program, and good use of common sense. It has helped us keep our costs down due to a favorable standing with our insurance provider and it keeps our employees healthy and working. We adhere to OSHA guidelines as a minimum and make sure that anyone that enters a jobsite understands that.

The Woodworks is a division of Cormack Construction Management that supplies us with high quality millwork and cabinetry to compliment our construction. They can create period moldings to allow us to seamlessly marry an addition to a historical building, or they can create custom built-ins designed to fit your needs.

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