A garage doesn’t have to be just a space to park your car. It might function as a workshop, hobby zone, storage for your big toys, or a casual place to hang out with friends. With the right planning, you can design and build a garage that meets all of your needs. Thinking about building a new garage? Here are some ideas to inspire you.

1. Think beyond the basics.

To make your garage a better place to work and play, you’ll need to think beyond four walls and a roof. There are many features to include in your garage that will bring added functionality, convenience, and enjoyment for years to come.  You’re only limited by your imagination!

2. Install taller garage walls and doors.

If you’ll be parking larger-sized vehicles, or regularly driving in with a load on top of your car, consider installing taller garage doors.  Designing a garage with 8-foot doors and 9-foot walls (a foot larger than typical builds) will provide a lot of flexibility in how you can use your space.

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3. Upgrade your trusses.

To make the most of your garage’s storage potential, upgrade your standard roof trusses to storage trusses to support the extra weight of any items you’ll keep in your attic.

4. Think about attic access.

If you plan to regularly access your attic space, or think you might convert it to an office or workout area down the road, you’ll want to include stairs in your design plan. If your garage attic will only be used for extra storage, a pull-down ladder is an easy and affordable option.

dream garage ideasThis garage's finished interior and custom built-in storage provide the aesthetic of an executive-style man cave.   Source:  dreamgarage.com

5. Organize your tools with custom cabinets and shelving.

To keep your tools and other belongings organized and easily accessible, consider installing custom cabinets and shelving. You’ll enjoy a sleek, modern aesthetic and your workbench will remain clutter-free.

Did you know? Cormack’s woodworking division, The Woodworks, can create virtually any custom cabinet or shelving solution you need. 

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6. Upgrade your floor.

To set the tone for your dream garage design, consider upgrading your flooring with either an epoxy floor coating or interlocking PVC floor tiles. You’ll enjoy a beautiful, smooth surface that is easy to keep clean.

7. Add insulation and heat.

Anyone who lives in the Northeast knows how crippling cold winter can be. Want to be able to use your garage space all season long? Install insulation and a heating system. Having a heated garage has the added benefit of protecting stored items (including tools, equipment, paints, etc.) from fluctuating temperature and humidity levels.

8. Consider air conditioning.

Again, if you plan to spend a lot of time in your garage, consider installing a through-the-wall AC unit. It may sound like a luxury, but keeping your garage cool and dry during the humid summer months  will help ensure your tools remain dry and rust-free.

9. Install a sub-panel.

If you’re going to use your garage as a workshop, or plan to install air conditioning or other high power-using tools or equipment, consider installing a sub-panel. Why? You’ll enjoy more power and greater convenience. For example, you can add more circuits without having to run wires to your main panel and if you should pop a breaker, you won’t have to go to your main panel to reset it. 

Source: Handyman.com

10. Consider a drive-through garage.

If you have the available space and lot configuration, there are many benefits to having a drive-through garage. For example, a second garage door provides an outstanding flow-through ventilation system if you plan on doing some woodworking or painting. Planning a backyard get together? You can open your garage’s backdoor to create an extended party zone!

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Are you ready to build your dream garage? Contact the building and remodeling professionals at Cormack Construction. We’d love to discuss your vision and come up with some options that suit your needs and budget.

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