Mirror, mirror on the vanity wall, what are the best bathroom remodelng trends of all? If only we had a magic mirror to give us the best design advice when starting a remodeling project. Fortunately, we’ve identified the latest ideas for you. Here are five trends you’ll want to consider for your next bathroom remodel.

Shaped Tile

Hexagon and scallop tiles are just some of the trending shapes appearing on bathroom walls and shower floors. Opting for a shaped tile over a traditional subway tile is a great way to make a design impact, especially if you don’t want to commit to a big, bold color in your bathroom.

Bathroom remodeling trends: shaped tileSource: Pinterest


First used by Europeans to cover up water stains and scratches on their walls, wainscoting has been transformed from function to form. Today wainscoting is seeing a boost in design as homeowners are using bold colors, shaped tile, and even increasing the height of the wainscoting.

Bathroom remodeling trends:  WainscotingSource: Pinterest

Open Showers

Open or curbless showers are showers without raised thresholds, eliminating the barrier between the shower and bathroom floor. “We’re seeing a lot of interest in curbless showers,” said Kristopher Gagnon, project manager with Cormack Construction. “It saves space and delivers a clean, minimalistic design.” Moisture prevention and proper drainage should be addressed to prevent water damage. For example, to help control the flow of water, linear drains that are long and narrow can be installed along the floor or tucked into the wall.

Bathroom remodeling trends:  Open Shower, Curbless ShowerSource: Pinterest

Vanity Windows

While the traditional bathroom style uses a mirror overlooking a vanity, some homeowners are installing open windows instead, and placing a smaller mirror on the side for a quick inspection. Windows provide both an enjoyable view as well as adding natural light to your morning routine.

Bathroom remodeling trends: Vanity WindowsSource: Decor Pad

Custom Cabinetry

Custom cabinetry allows homeowners to make the most of their space since it is designed around their specific needs. Many homeowners find they need cabinets that are slightly bigger, smaller, wider, or in a different color or aesthetic than what is sold in stores. By customizing your bathroom with built-in cabinets, vanities, and storage units created in your chosen style, you can make your bathroom both functional and beautiful.

bathroom remodeling: custom built-in cabinetsSource: Sticks 2 Stones

Not sure what you need for storage? Custom cabinetry craftsmen, like The Wood Works of Cormack Construction, offer 3-D designs to show you what your cabinets and built-ins will look like before they are completed. This dynamic design evolves as you make any needed adjustments, ensuring your completed project is exactly what you wanted.

Bathroom Remodeling in NH’s White Mountains, Lakes Region, and Western Maine

While these trends are popular, they are also guidelines. As you think about your bathroom remodel you should always choose the design and style that makes you most comfortable. If you’re embarking on a bathroom remodeling project, contact Cormack Construction for a no-obligation consultation.

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