Exterior lighting adds both ambiance and functionality to your property, allowing you to extend your outdoor enjoyment long after the sun sets. Here are five easy ways to light up your yard from Cormack’s design team.

1. Illuminate your walkway.

Path lighting allows you to attractively highlight your walkways, making them safer and easier to navigate.  Common options include low-voltage (12 to 15 volts) and solar LED lighting. If you go with low-voltage walkway lights, you'll need to use a transformer to reduce the 120-volt house current to 12 volts. If you opt for energy-saving solar lights, ensure they are positioned in direct sunlight so they can charge properly—or station a remote solar panel in a sunny area.

Easy ways to light up your back yard.Photo Credit: bhg.com

2. Light up your pool area.

A New England summer is never long enough so you want to be able to make the most of your time around the pool — if you’re lucky enough to have one. There are many creative ways to light up your pool area so you can extend your time outside.

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A subtle lighting effect is achieved by mounting lighting fixtures up high and aiming them toward the pool area. This creates a soft-wash lighting effect similar to moonlight. Additional uplighting brings out the beauty of the surrounding landscape.

Photo Credit:  Lewis Aquatech

This pool's lighting creates a relaxed atmosphere and a greenish-blue effect that's perfect for midnight swimming.

3. Highlight your garden.

The beauty your garden brings doesn’t have to stop at the end of the day. Consider using exterior LED spike lights, which you can easily move around to accommodate the changing seasons and planting growth. Uplighting trees can bring added drama, particularly on those that have a unique shape.

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4. Light up your deck or patio.

From overhead lighting, to in-floor lighting, to perimeter lighting, there are many attractive and affordable deck and patio lighting options to take you beyond the tiki torches of yesteryear.  

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easy ways to light up your backyardPhoto Credit: impressiveinteriordesign.com

5. Stylize your steps with safety in mind.

With today’s lighting options, you can add style to your steps, while making them safer to use in the evening hours.

Photo Credit:  boundary.com

These solar lights provide a budget-friendly, yet stylish lighting solution for steps and decks.

easy ways to light up your back yardPhoto Credit:  homebnc.com

Installed flush into the wall/handrail, these flush mount lights beautifully illuminate the home’s brick stairway.

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