Building a custom home is an exciting experience. Unlike production homes, which require you to adapt to someone else’s design plan, a custom home is designed and built around your personal needs, style, and budget. To assist you in your custom home building experience, here are five tips from the pros at Cormack Construction.

1. Determine your custom home budget.

It’s important to know how much you can realistically afford to spend on your custom home before speaking with your builder. Some people shy away from sharing their budget, but that’s a mistake, according to Gordon Cormack, president of Cormack Construction. “Once we know a client’s budget, we can present the design options and identify the features worth considering—saving everyone time and money,” he explains. 

2. Learn about your lot.

Many people purchase their lot before building a home and on the surface, that seems to make sense. However, it’s important to know if a lot is suitable for the kind of custom home you’re dreaming of. The cost of preparing a site and connecting municipal services (e.g. water, sewer, and electricity) to your home can really do a number to your budget. Ideally, your home should harmonize with your lot. If you force your home to fit with the type of lot you have, you’ll likely end up spending a lot more time and money to get what you want—and be disappointed with the result.

3. Hire an architect or designer.

The best way to know if your lot is suitable for the type of home you’re dreaming of is to hire an architect or designer. They can tell you:

  • what types of home can be built on the lot
  • where to place your home for the best view, sun, shade, etc.
  • what kind of site preparations are needed to build your home
  • which utilities are available
  • what city or county restrictions apply, if any

Cormack has an architect and designers in-house, making the custom home building process smoother and easier for everyone.

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4. Get a 3-D design.

To ensure your custom home is everything you want it to be, invest in a 3-D home design. “3-D design gives our clients a chance to virtually walk around their home before construction begins,” explains David Norton, designer at Cormack Construction. “This allows them to have an active role in the design process, saving time and money,” he adds. Once you’ve agreed on your design, it will be used to create the blueprints that will guide the construction of your custom home.

5. Choose a custom home builder with relevant experience.

Obviously, you’re going to want to check your builder’s references. But it’s important to take this a step further by making sure your builder has experience with the type and style of custom home you want. Ask to see their portfolio, and if possible, check out some of the homes they’ve built. You’ll thank yourself down the road!

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Thinking about building a new custom home? Talk to the pros at Cormack Construction. We’re an award-winning design-build firm with an outstanding reputation for quality work and customer service. Contact us to discuss your dream home!

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