The warm weather months provide a great opportunity to focus on the outside appearance of your home. Fortunately, even a few small efforts can have a big impact. Here are seven ways to kick up your curb appeal from Cormack Construction’s home building and remodeling pros.

1. Clean up and clear the clutter.

Take a step back and look at your property with a fresh pair of eyes. What do you see? Kids’ bikes and toys? Fallen branches and debris? Remove any items that create an appearance of clutter. Clean up any dog waste or litter that may have blown into your yard. And remember that when it comes to statuary, outdoor decor, and furniture—less is often more.

2. Fix up your front entrance.

Your front entrance creates a first impression for your home so you want to make it a good one. Fix it up by:

  • Clearing the area around your doorway.
  • Sweeping your steps and replacing your welcome mat with a fresh, new one.
  • Washing your door and giving it a new coat of paint, if necessary.
  • Repairing or replacing damaged screen doors or storm doors.
  • Polishing metal knobs and fixtures.
  • Replacing broken bulbs or light fixtures.
  • Repairing or replacing any rotted trim, molding, or steps.

PRO TIP: Dress up your front door with a traditional, elegant wreath made of faux greens and florals. Avoid trendy or seasonal designs so you can use it through the seasons.

3. Clean and inspect your gutters.

Spring is a great time to clean the outside of your gutters and remove any debris. Ensure they are securely attached to your home, and make any needed repairs or replacements.

boost your home's curb appeal: powerwashing

 4. Put a power washer to work.

Give your siding, decking, garage, and driveway a good power washing, removing any algae, dirt, and grime build-up. Be sure to follow usage directions, as a power washer can cause damage if not handled properly.

5. Take care of any siding, foundation, and shingle damage.

Walk around your home, taking note of any needed siding, foundation, or shingle repairs. To make sure you’ve covered everything, schedule a home maintenance assessment with Cormack’s home remodeling experts.

6. Liven up your landscaping.

Make sure your lawn is mowed and your gardens are weeded. Freshen up your beds with new mulch or compost, and take some time to shape, prune, and cut back your shrubs.

 7. Add character with custom millwork.

If you want to take your home to the next level, add some custom exterior millwork and trim for a high-end look. Cormack designs and builds these elements and more within The Woodworks, our custom woodworking shop:

  • Ornamental Trim
  • Window Boxes
  • Hand-carved Doors
  • Balusters
  • Columns
  • Custom Shutters
  • Decorative Gables

Home Maintenance, Repair and Remodeling Services in NH’s Lakes Region, White Mountains, and Western ME

All homes need regular maintenance and care to preserve their value and curb appeal. If you need help with any home maintenance, repair, or remodeling, contact Cormack’s award-winning team.