The decorations we put up each holiday season evoke warm memories and add an extra-special kind of joy we don’t experience other times during the year. Yet, when the holidays are over, putting those treasured decorative elements away becomes a dreaded task. Here are some tips for organizing and storing your holiday decorations that your future self will appreciate for years to come.

1. Pare down.

Holiday decor tends to accumulate over the years. Before putting your decorations away, take a good look at what you have. Are there any items that no longer fit your style? Is anything broken that should be tossed? Are there decorative elements that you haven’t displayed in two or more years? Consider donating any gently used items that you no longer want or need. Decluttering is an essential step to storing your decor in an organized manner, and it feels really good, too! 

Pro Tip: Don’t forget to pare down your holiday cards. If you keep every single card you receive every single year, you’ll end up with hundreds of them in your attic. Consider saving the ones that hold special meaning to you in a three-ring binder. Repurpose the others into gift tags or craft projects, or recycle them.

2. Create storage categories.

Another vital step in organizing is to create categories for the items you will store away. This will make it so much easier to find what you are looking for next year. How you categorize is up to you. Some people like to keep collections together—snowmen, candles, nutcrackers, etc. Others, who decorate their home in the same manner each year, prefer to categorize by room. 

Pro Tip:  If you organize your holiday decor by room, print out a picture of how you like the room decorated and include it with your storage.  It’ll make things come together much easier next year!

7 tips for storing holiday decor

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3. Choose your storage wisely.

To keep your holiday decor organized and well-protected, invest in some quality storage totes and containers. Create labels to identify which items are stored.

Pro Tip:   Avoid storing your beloved holiday decor in cardboard boxes. Cardboard retains moisture, breaking down and disintegrating over time. This can attract pests, which will destroy anything kept inside the boxes.

7 tips for storing holiday decor

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4. Protect your holiday pillows and linens.

Holiday pillows and blankets should be stored in airtight containers to protect them from moisture, dust, and odors.

5. Take special care of your string lights.

When putting your string lights away, take special care to ensure they aren’t a tangled mess when you take them out next year. Here’s one clever way to store your lights:  Flip over a chair or stool and  wrap them in a figure-eight pattern around two of the legs until you have about 12 inches of cord left.  Wrap the remaining cord around the center of the figure eight, and finish it off with a loose knot. Keep the wrapped lights in a dry closet or storage tote until next year.

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6. Hang your wreaths and garlands.

To optimize your storage space, hang your wreaths and garlands on hooks or nails. Just make sure they are in a place where weather and varying temperature and humidity levels will not affect them.

7. Consider built-in storage shelves.

Investing in some custom, built-in storage shelves will keep your holiday decor organized and look good doing it! Talk to the pros at Cormack Construction. Our talented woodworking team can create custom shelving, closets, and built-ins that meet your specific storage needs.

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