1. Don’t be afraid to discuss your budget.

While many homeowners hesitate to discuss the “B” word with their remodeling contractor, being upfront with a realistic budget with ensure you get what’s most important to you and save you time in the long run. When creating your budget, be sure to add a 15-20% cushion for any surprise expenditures. 

2. Don’t forget about functionality.

You want a beautiful new bathroom, but you also want to make sure it’s easy and comfortable to use. Think about your overall spacing and layout, taking into account the placement of your windows, doors, plumbing, and electrical outlets. 

3. Do think about your storage needs.

To ensure your bathroom to functions properly, think about your storage needs. A well-designed bathroom ensures that linens, toiletries, and other necessities are neatly stored and easily accessible.“By incorporating custom cabinets and shelving into your bathroom remodel, you’ll create an integrated, built-in look that maximizes your available storage space,” explains David Norton, a designer at Cormack Construction.

4. Do consider getting a 3-D design.

3-D design is a game changer for home building and remodeling. This technology gives you a chance to see exactly what your new bathroom will look like before remodeling begins. “We find that using 3-D design saves our customers a lot of time, both in the design and remodeling phases of their projects,” explains David Norton, a designer at Cormack Construction. He points out that a 3-D design can also save homeowners from spending money on costly last-minute changes or construction work they no longer want.

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5. Do splurge (a little).

To create a look of luxury in your new bathroom, consider installing custom cabinetry, or splurge on high-end lighting, flooring, or wall materials. Since most bathrooms are relatively small spaces, a little extra spending can make a big difference in your overall remodel. Your contractor can help you determine which elements will add the greatest overall value for your dollar.

6. Don’t be too trendy.

As with any home remodeling project, it’s important to design with an eye toward the future. Avoid any trendy designs that could turn off prospective buyers, should you decide to sell your home.

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