Building a custom home gives you an opportunity to create a living space designed around your specific needs and budget. And thanks to 3-D design technology, you can make sure you’re getting exactly what you want before construction even begins. Here are some of the key benefits of getting a 3-D design for your new home.

1. It helps ensure your home suits your exact needs.

In many cases, a two-dimensional design simply can’t convey the whole picture. A 3-D design lets you “walk around” your home so you can get a sense of the overall flow as well as the volume of space in each room. For example, after viewing your 3-d design, you might decide you want to reduce the size of your dining room so you can add more working space in your kitchen. 

2. You can confirm your desired placement of appliances and built-ins.

With a 3-D design, it’s easier to see how your appliances and built-ins fit in with your overall design so you can be confident you’re getting what you want and need.

3. It helps keep your project on schedule.

3-Designs help reduce the need to make changes once construction begins, keeping your home building project on schedule.

4. You will avoid paying for expensive changes.

Any changes made to your original design after construction can be costly in terms of both labor and materials. 3-D design helps you avoid paying for costly last-minute changes or any design or construction that you don’t want.

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In-house 3-D Design Services

Some home builders, like Cormack Construction, offer in-house architectural and design services as a convenience to its customers. The principal advantage of hiring an architect or designer from the same company as your builder is an increased awareness of how design and material choices will impact the final cost of your home.

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