Whether you’re remodeling or building a new home, 3-D design can help you save time and money, and get exactly what you are looking for in your project. Here are some of the many benefits of 3-D design in home construction:

Help with Design Decisions

“3-D computer design allows our clients to get involved in every phase of the design process,” says says David Norton, designer at Cormack Construction.”They can review different options, making them better equipped to make informed design decisions,” he adds.

3-D design allows you to virtually walk through your home before even approving any specs or designs. Want to see what a set of sliding glass doors would look like in your living room? No problem. Not sure if your bathroom door is far enough away from your kitchen? Let’s move it around and see. Want to see the view from your kitchen’s bay windows? Step right up.

Saving Time with 3-D Designs

Let’s face it. We’re all busy. At Cormack, we’ve found that one of the greatest benefits of using 3-D design is the time savings it provides—both in the design and construction phases of your project. Using 3-D design, the Cormack team can quickly and easily make a client’s desired changes as the design progresses. And since a 3-D rendering is easy to understand, there is typically less back-and-forth communication with our clients. A 3-D design also saves time during the construction phase since it helps identify any potential issues before construction even begins.

Saving Money with 3-D Designs

Because you’ll know exactly what your project will look like before it’s started, 3-D design also saves you from paying for costly last-minute changes or any design or construction that you don’t want.

3-D Design Turns Your Vision into Reality

Most people have a hard time understanding traditional, one-dimensional floor plans. A 3-D rendering allows you better visualize the design and how it’s going to work for you.  “The more you understand the look and feel of your design, the easier it will be to make decisions, and ultimately, the happier you’re going to be with your project,” Norton says.

3-D Home Design in NH’s Lake Region, White Mountains, and Western Maine

Cormack Construction offers 3-D design services for all projects, from home remodeling and construction, to custom furniture and built-ins.  Contact us today to discuss your next project!

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