Your home and everything in it reflect your style and personality. And sometimes it’s not easy to find what you need to give your house the look and functionality you need to make it your home. This is where custom-made furniture and built-ins can make all the difference. In this month’s Cormack Constructionblog, we discuss some of the many benefits of custom-made furniture and built-ins.

Custom-made vs. Ready-made Furniture and Built-ins

If you are not too particular about your furniture or don’t have the time to select a specific design for your home, then ready-made furniture is probably best for your needs. However, if you have very specific requirements or are looking for a unique piece that fits your exact space and style needs, custom-made furniture and built-ins are for you.

Benefits of Custom-made Furniture and Built-ins:

1. Provide Unique Design Options

When you purchase custom-made furniture and built-ins from experienced craftsmen, you will get pieces that reflect your personal style.“Through the use of 3-D design, we are helping our customers design furniture according to their specific needs, requirements, preferences, and style,” says Simon Thomas, shop foreman at The Woodworks, a division of Cormack Construction in Madison, NH. “And they get to see exactly what it will look like before we even start building it,” he adds.

To bring some of the homeowner’s personality into this kitchen, Cormack Construction incorporated paddles into the design of these custom cabinets.

2. Maximize Your Space

It can be really difficult to find furniture that fits your exact space requirements, particularly if you have a small or awkward space to fill.  Custom furniture and built-ins are designed to maximize your space, whether it’s an empty wall in need of built-in shelving, or a corner of the room where ready-made furniture pieces don’t quite fit. “We can design custom furniture and built-ins to fit any space,” Thomas notes.

This stylish and functional built-in trundle bed and storage area was designed by Julie Fergus and built by Simon Thomas for a small condo. The bedding and pillows were also custom-made for the project.

3. Built to Last

Custom-made furniture and built-ins are constructed with high quality materials, and are made to last. To keep the cost down, ready-made furniture is typically made of inferior quality materials.

Custom-made Furniture and Built-ins in NH’s Lake Region, White Mountains, and Western Maine

If you are looking for custom-made furniture or built-ins for your home or business, contact the professionals at Cormack Construction. The Wood Works team can create custom cabinets, built-in furniture, bookcases, shelving, and staircases—in fact, any interior woodwork you need. We are centrally located in Madison, New Hampshire, close to the Lakes Region, the White Mountains, and western Maine, but we deliver and install throughout northern New England. Contact us today!