Most people are naturally drawn to the outdoors. Nothing can relax and rejuvenate us like a spring breeze, the warmth of a summer afternoon sun, or the crisp air of autumn. Today, many people in New Hampshire’s Lakes Region and White Mountains are bringing their love of the outdoors inside with the addition of screened porches, 3-season rooms, and sunrooms. Which type of outdoor space is best for you? Here’s some information on choosing the right outdoor room for your home:

Bringing the Outside in with a Screened Porch

As its name suggests, ascreened porch has an opening that is covered with screens, allowing you to enjoy an evening in New Hampshire without the nuisance of insects. Because it has a roof, it will protect you from the harsh elements of nature, including the rainy downpours of spring and the blazing sun of July. While a screened porch adds some very valuable living space, it is not considered additional square footage to your home because it lacks central heating.

Today, many screened porches include amenities that give the homeowner the benefits of an interior room, including:

  • ceiling fans
  • space heaters
  • fireplaces
  • electricity
  • recessed lighting
  • wall-mounted TV’s

If you’re looking to add some protected outdoor space to your home on a budget, a screened porch may be the perfect choice for you.

Screened Porch vs. a 3-Season Room

The principal difference between a screened porch and a 3-season room is that the latter has insulated windows. With the addition of a small space heater, you may be able to use your 3-season room through late fall and early winter. Like a screened porch, a 3-season room doesn’t add square footage to your home because it lacks central heating.

Adding interior detailing, comfortable furniture, and decorative touches will make your space even more enjoyable for you and your family.

The addition of the insulated windows and whatever additional interior details you add to your 3-season room is obviously going to make this option more expensive than a screened porch. Your builder should be able to provide you with options to meet your budget needs.

Bringing the Outside in Year-Round with a Sunroom

Also known as a 4-season room, a sunroomallows you to experience the outdoors year-round. It is essentially an interior room that is surrounded with insulated windows. It requires the same type of construction elements as an interior addition, including a foundation, footers, insulation, heating, and if desired, air conditioning. Thus, it adds additional space to your home and is your most expensive option for bringing the outside in.

You have a lot of design options with a sunroom, as most interior room elements and finishes can be used in it, including wood floor, ceramic tiles, custom built-ins, intricate wood detail and moldings, and decorative light fixtures and ceiling fans.

If you’re looking to bring the outside in with a room that you can use year-round, a sunroom may be the best option for you.

Building a Screened Porch, 3-Season Room, or Sunroom in NH’s White Mountains, Lake Region, or Western Maine

If you want to add a room to your home that will bring the outside in, talk to the professionals at Cormack Construction. Our expert design-build team will help you in choosing the right outdoor room for your home. 

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