Although today’s homes offer modern conveniences, many lack the character of the homes of yesteryear. Custom millwork, molding, and trim is a great way to add warmth and architectural interest into your home. While your options are virtually limitless, here are some of the most common types of interior millwork and trim:

custom trim & millwork NH, ME

Custom Crown Molding

Used as a visually-striking transition between a wall and ceiling, crown molding infuses a home with beauty and character. “From a simple cut, to more complicated, layered designs, crown molding is one of the best ways to add personality into your home,” explains Simon Thomas, shop foreman at The WoodWorks, Cormack’s woodworking division. He points out that crown molding can also be installed above kitchen cabinets and around built-in storage and furniture, fireplaces, and more.

custom trim and millwork in NH, ME

Custom Corner Blocks

Corner blocks take crown molding to the next level by adding a polished, finished look to your home. “With custom corner blocks, you can achieve any look you want--from traditional to ornate,” Thomas notes.

Custom Casing

Casing is used to cover the gap between a wall and doors or windows. But it can do much more than that. Custom, decorative casing can really make a statement in your home.

Custom Baseboards

Similar to casing, baseboards hide the gap between your walls and flooring. However, baseboard can be one of your home’s most defining features. Add character and value to your home by swapping out your thin, basic baseboards with thicker, taller, decorative baseboards.

custom trim and millwork in NH, ME

Custom Chair Rail Molding

Originally used in high traffic areas to protect walls from damage, chair rail molding can provide beautiful detailing to any room. 

custom wood carved overlays NH MESimon Thomas hand-carved this Welsh dragon from Brazilian mahogany. The teeth are made from limewood and the claws are made of rosewood.

Custom Carved Wood Onlays

Carved wood onlays or appliques add visual intrigue to virtually any surface in your home—from fireplace mantels and built-in furniture, to door, wall, and ceiling panels. From traditional to ornate, our skilled craftsmen can create virtually any design you want, adding lasting beauty and value to your home.

Custom Trim and Millwork in NH’s Lakes Region, White Mountains, and Northern ME

If your home lacks the architectural details you’re longing for, Cormack can help. The WoodWorks, our onsite woodworking division can create virtually any custom molding or trim you want. Not sure where to start? Contact us to discuss your many options.

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