Do you have to use an architect or designer when building a custom home? The short answer is no. However, an architect or designer can help you design a beautiful custom home and leverage your land to its full potential. You’ll not only enjoy your home more, but have an easier time selling it if you choose to do so. 

In-house Architects and Designers

While you can use any architect or designer of your choosing, most of Cormack’s clients work with one of our in-house architects or designers. Why? Because they work closely with our builders, they are more aware of how their design and material choices will affect the final cost of your home.

Architect vs. Designer: What’s the difference?

The biggest difference between an architect and a building designer is that the former has earned an architectural degree and passed the state’s Architectural Registration Board exam. For this reason, their fees are higher than those of a building designer. A building designer could be just as experienced and qualified as an architect, but does not have these designations, Their qualifications and education are best verified by their resume, design portfolio, and references. At Cormack, we like to provide our customers with both options. The choice is really yours.

When should you hire an architect or designer?

Ideally, you should hire one before you purchase your land, since there is a tremendous amount of variation in home lots. Your architect or designer will let you know if the land you have in mind is suitable for the type of home you want to build. In addition, he or she will know which utilities are available, how your property can be accessed by road, and what city or county restrictions apply, if any.

“Our architects and designers are not only knowledgeable in all of these issues, but can also advise you on where to place your home to take advantage of the best views, sunlight, shadows, trees, and other features,” says Alyssa Mendez, project manager. 

Already purchased your land? Don’t worry. Many of our clients come to us after buying their property. Our architects, designers, and builders will make sure to build the home of your dreams in a way that makes the most of your lot. 

Designing your custom home.

One you have selected an architect or designer and purchased your land, you’ll begin to focus on the design of your custom home. “We encourage all of our clients to ask a lot of questions during this process,” Mendez notes. This is also the time to share pictures of the houses, floor plans, and rooms you like (and dislike) to help flesh out the basic details of your home. “Our building team works very closely with our architects and designers, making it easier for our clients to determine if certain features are worth considering for their price range,” Mendez adds.

Benefits of 3-D Design

To help our clients save time and money, Cormack offers 3-D design services. “Using a 3-D computer design, we allow our clients to get involved in every phase of the design process, says David Norton, designer at Cormack Construction. This allows clients to virtually “walk around” their custom home before construction begins so they can make informed design decisions. Think your kitchen island is too close to your refrigerator? No problem. We can change that with a click of a button. Not sure if you like that wall between your kitchen and dining room? Let’s move it. 

Once you’ve agreed on your design, your architect or designer will draw up the blueprints used to guide the construction of your custom home.

Architects, Designers and Custom Home Builders in NH’s Lakes Region, White Mountains, and Western Maine

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