Constant demands on our time have contributed to the popular idea of a respite retreat in our home or backyard. While men have created “man caves” in their basements that are stylistically reminiscent of their college glory days; women are journeying outside to the backyard to bring their own “she shed” luxuriously to life. If you want to bring your relaxation to the next level, here are four dreamy she shed ideas worthy of your consideration.

1. The Reading Retreat

There’s no better way to get carried away with your favorite characters than with a backyard escape. Surround yourself with plush furniture and pillows, and an end table for your reading glasses or favorite drink. Use natural lighting for reading on sunny afternoons, and artificial lighting for reading into the evening. Consider custom built-ins for an optimal fit for all of your favorite reads.

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2. The Creative Crafting Center

If you’re inspired by the latest Pinterest crafting ideas, dedicating your she shed to fine tuning your artistic abilities is a great use of your space. Your she shed studio will get your creative juices flowing, while keeping your materials organized. You’ll need plenty of customized shelving, drawers, and other nooks and crannies to fit your materials and projects. Be sure to have plenty of natural and artificial lighting so you can craft into the night.

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3. The Solitude Sanctuary

Bring balance and peace to your life in your own yoga and meditation center. Your she shed can offer a quiet space for you to connect with nature and nurture your inner spirit. Cover your she shed floors in comfy cushions and yoga mats, allowing plenty of space to move and stretch out. Outfit your space with dreamy curtains, and decorate with calming elements, such as candles or a relaxing fountain.

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4. The Outdoor Office

The fresh air and beauty of your backyard provides an energizing atmosphere for a focused and productive work day from home. Using your she shed as a home office also enables you to work remotely without the distractions of a busy household. Be sure to install plenty of outlets for lighting and all of your gadgets. Add a lock to your she shed to ensure all of your important files are protected. A comfortable office chair is one of the most important parts of your office she shed, since you’ll want to spend hours without distraction. Choose furniture that matches your preferred style and add lamps and curtains to control lighting throughout the day.

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Whether you call it a she shed, shedquarters, or lady lounge, the beauty of your quiet, personal space is the opportunity to tailor it to your specific needs. Need help? Contact Cormack Construction to discuss your dream space. We’re your home construction and remodeling experts.

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