Madison, NH Wood Shop Breathes New Life into Your Cherished Furniture

The objects you have in your house—including your furniture—are what make it your home. Each piece of furniture you carefully selected or inherited from a loved one defines your style and taste. Following years of use and enjoyment, your favorite furniture will inevitably lose its luster and begin to look worn. Some pieces may even break, tempting you to throw them away. This is where furniture repair and restoration with The Woodworks comes in.

Our skilled craftsmen can save your favorite pieces of furniture—whether it’s an expensive bookcase that’s looking tired, or a cherished family heirloom in need of major repair.

Before and After: A long-term Cormack client purchased this beautiful antique credenza in France several years ago. Unfortunately, it was later stained with an unknown substance—possibly some kind of ink. Thomas refinished the piece, bringing it back to its original beauty.

Experienced Furniture Repair and Restoration Experts in NH & Northern ME

“Whether you’re looking to update your furniture to suit your new decor, or repair and restore a piece of heirloom furniture to its original glory, we can help,” says Simon Thomas, shop foreman at The Woodworks, Cormack Construction Management’s custom carpentry and millwork division. In his 30-year career, Thomas has carved, built, and repaired furniture throughout the world and enjoys bringing this experience to each piece he repairs or restores. 

The Furniture Repair and Restoration Process

Thomas and his experienced team of craftsmen use a meticulous process to ensure your furniture is repaired and restored to your exact specifications:

  • Each piece of furniture is carefully labeled and disassembled for proper reassembly.
  • Old finishes are hand-stripped.
  • Any missing or broken pieces are expertly reproduced, matching wood grain and type.
  • Wood is hand-sanded and stains and finishes are custom-blended to achieve desired look and color.
  • All hardware (knobs, pulls, hinges, etc.) is cleaned, refinished, or replaced.

“We can breathe new life into virtually any piece of furniture, so you can enjoy it for years to come,” Thomas says.

Furniture Repair and Restoration in NH’s Lakes Region, White Mountains, and Northern ME

If you’ve got furniture that needs repair or restoration, contact the furniture repair and restoration experts at The Woodworks. You can trust even your most cherished heirloom furniture with our experienced team. We guarantee that your finished product will meet—or exceed—your expectations!

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