New England winters are a great excuse to hunker down indoors, but poor home insulation is quick to spoil a good time. In this month’s blog, the pros at Cormack Construction share four signs your home isn’t properly insulated. Knowing what to look for will ensure the elements don’t take you and your home by surprise.

1. Drafts

Obviously, cold air seeping into your house means something’s amiss. Walls, ceilings, and windows are all designed to keep the temperature indoors regulated, but this all depends on your home insulation. Air can even creep in through lighting built into your home if it’s not insulated properly during installation. Take note of rooms that regularly seem colder than others, and check places like window frames, exterior door frames, and recessed ceiling fixtures for air leaking in. If you don’t own a thermal leak detector, one trick is to bring a candle with you on your search; a flame that’s flickering or goes out when you are standing still signals a nearby draft.

2. High Heating Bills

We all expect heating costs to rise a little come winter, but if yours are soaring above your typical numbers, your home insulation could be to blame. As the cold creeps in, the heat sneaks out, taking your money with it. Keep a careful eye on your expenses, and be wary of jumps that could indicate your HVAC is picking up the slack for failing insulation.

3. Icicles and Ice Dams

Where there are icicles, there are usually ice dams. Ice dams are caused by melting and refreezing of ice against the outside of your house. Each thaw, water is able to creep deeper through your roof and insulation, welcoming rot and mold into your home. If you can’t rule out ice dams from outside, try checking wood and ceilings for softness or discoloration. These could point to leaks getting through your insulation and into your house’s structure.

4. Mold and Mildew Stains

Mold and mildew are fungi drawn to moisture buildup, whether that’s from condensation or outright water runoff. Condensation builds at junctions of heat and cold, and faulty home insulation can invite trouble throughout your house in extreme weather. Water pipes are especially prone if not insulated properly. If you notice stains trailing down your walls or pooling around your ceiling, your home insulation could be leaving you at risk of health issues.

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