Are you looking to create more storage in your home, but feel limited by your awkward or small space? Custom cabinets and shelving can provide the storage you need with the style and character that reflect your personal taste.

Custom Cabinets and Shelving for Awkward Spaces

When it comes to maximizing storage in your home, think about the awkward, unused spaces you have, including:

Slender Spaces in Your Kitchen or Bathroom

Have an awkward, slender space in your kitchen or bathroom? It’s the perfect place for a pull-out storage component. Use it for a small pantry in your kitchen, or to organize toiletries, medicines, and other smaller essentials in your bathroom. “We can size it to your exact needs and build it with materials that either coordinate with your existing cabinets or stand out as an accent piece,” says Simon Thomas, supervisor at The Woodworks, Cormack Construction’s woodworking division.

Open Space Under Your Stairs

That unusable space under your stairs? It’s the perfect place to add some custom shelving. Use it to shelve books or display your favorite collections. “We can cut shelves to fit perfectly under your stairs, creating a custom built-in unit that will add both functionality and beauty to your home,” Thomas explains.

Attic with Slanted Ceilings

Attics provide outstanding storage opportunities, but what about those slanted ceilings? The Woodworks’ custom design team will help you maximize your storage space with custom shelving that looks like it has been there all along.

Benefits of Custom Cabinets and Shelving

The best thing about custom cabinets and shelving is that you have full control over both functionality and style. Because each piece is designed specifically for your home, it will meet your functional needs and suit your personal aesthetic. “At The Woodworks, our customers can choose whatever wood, finish, or fixtures they want, making each piece we build uniquely theirs,” Thomas points out. Custom cabinets and shelving are going to cost more than what you might pay in a store, but they are designed according to your specific wants and needs, and built to last.

Custom Cabinets and Shelving in NH’s Lakes Region, White Mountains, and Northern ME

Do you need more storage in your home, but feel limited by your small or awkward space?  Contact the professional craftsmen at The Woodworks. With custom cabinets and shelving, we can help you maximize your home’s storage space.