Home lighting is an important functional element in a home, particularly during the wintertime, when the days are shorter and we’re spending so much of our time indoors. But lighting also plays an important role in the overall design, look, and feel of our homes. In this month’s blog, we share some inspiring lighting ideas to make your home feel comfortable and beautiful all year long.

1. Make your ceiling light a focal point in your room.

While ceiling lights have a lot of function in a space, they can also serve as interesting design elements. “When selecting your ceiling lighting, don’t be afraid to make a bold choice,” says Alyssa Mendez, project manager at Cormack Construction. “While a larger space allows for more daring lighting fixtures, even a small space can have an unconventional lighting fitting, as long as your other design elements are toned down a bit,” she adds.

inspiring home lighting ideas: bold ceiling lights

This chain pendant with bell-shaped glass shade provides a rustic, vintage look. A row of these fun and charming lights would look great over a long rustic table or kitchen island. Source:  hgtv.com

inspiring lighting ideas: lighting as an art statement

This swirling bronze lighting element doubles as a statement art piece in this light and modern city home.  Source: Boca do Lobo

2. Mix up your lighting sources.

Instead of using one main lighting source, consider using a few lamps around the room for an interesting and flattering lighting scheme. “This will give you more flexibility with regard to the different areas you wish to light around your room,” Mendez points out. For example, while you might light up a favorite piece of art between two lamps on a sideboard or credenza, you could use a tripod-based floor lamp to light up a reading nook.

inspiring lighting ideas:  tripod-based floor lamp

 Source: shadesoflight.com

3. Don’t be afraid to play with color and texture.

Colorful lamps and shades made from a variety of materials are easy, low-risk ways to add visual interest to a room.

inspiring lighting ideas: colorful lamps

These textured blue ceramic column table lamps bring a pop of color and excitement to this neutral space. Source:  lampsplus.com 

4. Add some personality to your home office lighting.

With so many of us working remotely these days, more thought is being given to how we light up our home offices and work spaces. Make your space your own with fun and interesting lighting that reflects your personality.

home office lighting ideas

Source:  potterybarn.com

5.  Don’t forget about your bedroom lighting.

When it comes to relaxing and unwinding, the right lighting can make all the difference. “Consider trading in your traditional flush-mount lighting fixture for an eye-catching pendant that serves as a focal point—even when unlit,” Mendez suggests. Add some uniquely shaped bedside table lamps for a low-lit atmosphere, or consider installing wall-mount sconces for nighttime reading.

bedroom lighting ideas

This modern lighting fixture provides unique lighting and serves as a beautiful focal point. Source: YLighting

Wall-mounted sconces provide lighting for night-time reading and free-up space on your side tables so they can be used for other purposes.  Source:  Coco + Kelly

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