Whether you’re building a new home or remodeling an existing one, you’ll have to make some important decisions about your kitchen and bathroom cabinets. One of these decisions includes whether to paint or stain them. Here are some important considerations to help you in making your decision.

kitchen remodeling northern NH, western METhis red painted custom working island adds a pop of color and interest to this light and bright kitchen.


When choosing between painted or stained cabinets, it’s important to think about the kind of aesthetic you’re going for. Painted cabinets provide a clean, smooth finish and a modern, upscale look. Popular colors include gray, white, and cream. However, custom home builders like Cormack can paint your cabinets any color you’d like, using an in-house spray booth. If you prefer a more traditional, timeless style, stained cabinets—which highlight the wood’s natural grain and knots—might be a better fit for your home. It's worth noting that while the kitchen shown in this article's feature photo is nearly 15 years old, it doesn't look dated because of its classic, timeless style. When selecting your paint or stain color, be sure to keep the resale of your home in mind. Neutral paint colors and classic, natural-looking stains tend to appeal to more home buyers.

Cabinet Refinishing

Spruce up your old, dated cabinets with Cormack’s cabinet refinishing services. We’ll remove all of your kitchen cabinet hinges, doors, and drawers, and bring them to our woodworking shop, The Woodworks. There, our team of craftsmen will thoroughly clean, sand, and prep your cabinets for restaining or repainting. Your cabinets will have an updated, fresh look with a durable, washable finish that will provide many more years of use.  

kitchen remodeling northern NH western ME

Photo: Foodal.com


In terms of overall durability, stained cabinets are your best option. They are generally easier to wash, better at hiding marks and scuffs, and easier to touch up than their painted counterparts. Chips and marks are more obvious on painted cabinets, and any brushed on touch-ups are likely to stand out from the cabinet’s smooth, spray-painted finish. For this reason, many rental units and homes of young families have stained cabinetry. You can expect stained cabinets to last roughly 20-30 years. Painted cabinetry is more prone to flaking, chipping, and cracking because its surface doesn’t move with the natural expansion and contraction of the wood the way stain does. Most painted cabinets last around 10 years.


Of course, cost is an important consideration in any home construction or remodeling project. As a general rule, staining is more affordable than painting. If you go with painted cabinets, you can expect to pay 10-15% more, making stained cabinetry an attractive option if your budget is a major factor in your decision.

kitchen remodeling northern NH and western METhe lightly-stained cabinetry, floor, and ceiling blend in beautifully with this home's natural surroundings. 

custom kitchen remodeling northern NH western METhe smooth white finish of these kitchen cabinets completes the look of this modern, upscale kitchen.

Choosing Your Cabinet Finish

When choosing between painting or staining your cabinets, be sure to keep your design aesthetic, budget, and family needs in mind. Whatever you decide, including quality, custom cabinets in your home build or remodel is an investment that will bring added beauty and value. 

Custom Cabinetry in Northern & Central NH and Western Maine

If you’re looking for quality, custom kitchen and bathroom cabinets, contact the professionals at Cormack Construction for a no-obligation consultation. We’ll share the best options for your personal style and budget.

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