Your kitchen cabinets have served your family well over the years, but they are looking a little worn and dated. Want to spruce up your kitchen in time for the holidays, without spending a lot of money? Cabinet refinishing might be the perfect solution for you!

Cabinet Refinishing is Quick and Affordable

Replacing your kitchen cabinets takes time and is a significant financial investment. Cabinet refinishing can be done in a lot less time–frequently within a week–for a lot less money. Want to spruce up your kitchen before the holidays? Contact the Cormack team.

Before and After Cabinet Refinishing

BEFORE: Worn cabinets, dated hardware, and old tile flooring.

AFTER: Refinished cabinetry, updated hardware, and wide-board flooring.

How Cabinet Refinishing Works

You can have your kitchen cabinets refinished with very little disruption to your home and family. The Cormack team will remove all of your kitchen cabinet hinges, doors, and drawers, and bring them to our woodworking shop, The Woodworks. There, our team of craftsmen will thoroughly clean, sand, and prep your cabinetry for re-staining or re-painting. Your cabinets will have an updated, fresh look with a durable, washable finish that will provide many more years of use.  We can either spray paint your existing cabinet hardware—drawer pulls, knobs, and hinges—or help you select replacements that better suit your desired look. New cabinet hardware can have a dramatic impact on the overall style of your kitchen.

Kicking Things up a Notch

When it comes to sprucing up your kitchen, you are only limited by your imagination. In addition to refinishing your cabinets, the Cormack team can add new trim and molding details, or additional cabinetry to match your existing kitchen. While we’re there, we can also replace your floor or countertops. 

Is Cabinet Refinishing for You?

If your current kitchen cabinets meet your storage and aesthetic wants and needs and are in good structural shape (doors are not warped and drawers are not falling apart), then cabinet refinishing might be a great option for you.

Cabinet Refinishing in NH’s Lakes Region, White Mountains, and Northern ME

Interested in learning more about the benefits of cabinet refinishing? Contact the Cormack team at 603.367.8272 or visit us online.

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