No matter how hard we try to keep our homes tidy and organized, clutter inevitably creeps in over time. Decluttering creates a calm space that feels light, airy, and organized. With a few clever storage solutions and smart tips from our home remodeling pros, you can easily transform your living space. We recommend the following strategies:

View your home as a first-time visitor.

It’s easy to “forget” what your home looks like to a new visitor. Enter your home as if you’re visiting the home of a friend. Write down your first impression of how clean and organized it is and what changes should be made.

organizing your home

Sort and donate unused items.

Sort through your belongings and identify items you no longer need or use. Donate gently used clothes, toys, and household items to local charities. Not only will you declutter your home, but you'll also be helping others in need.

Pro Tip: Decluttering can be overwhelming, so we suggest starting with the 12-12-12 challenge. Locate 12 items to throw away, 12 to donate, and 12 to be returned to their proper home.

organizing your closet

Create a seasonal rotation.

Instead of overcrowding your closets with your entire wardrobe, create a seasonal rotation system. Pack away items that are not currently in use and store them in a designated area. When the seasons change, swap out the items accordingly.

Donate unused outdoor items.

Don't forget about your outdoor spaces! Assess your patio furniture, gardening tools, and sports equipment. If there are items you no longer use or need, donate them to community centers or local organizations.

daily decluttering routine

Establish a daily decluttering routine.

Initiate a system for keeping things in order year-round. Spend a few minutes each day tidying up, putting things back in their designated places, and tackling small organizing tasks.

Once you’ve decluttered an area, think about what kind of storage system will help you keep it that way. Here are some great tips to consider:

Use vertical space, such as wall-mounted storage, custom cabinets, or shelves to keep items off the floor and create a visually appealing display. This can help you free up floor space and keep your belongings organized and easily accessible.

Invest in multifunctional furniture like ottomans with hidden storage compartments or bed frames with built-in drawers. These multi-purpose pieces provide a stylish way to declutter while adding functionality to your living spaces.

Add custom cabinetry to maximize the available storage space in each room of your home. Custom built-in cabinets or shelves are especially useful in kitchens, bathrooms, and closets—but can be installed anywhere you need them.

Organize your kitchen with a designated pantry or by using hooks, stackable containers, and cabinet and drawer dividers.

Opt for clear containers to make it easier to see inside without rummaging through boxes. Use these containers for storing seasonal clothing, outdoor gear, or holiday decorations.

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