You’re a busy woman and sometimes you just need a space to call your own—a place to create, read, or unwind—away from the family and the dog. The She Shed, women’s answer to the man cave, is growing in popularity. More and more women are using these structures—frequently located in the backyard garden—to provide their own personal sanctuary.

Tips on Building Your She Shed

Thinking about building your own She Shed? In this month’s blog, the professionals at Cormack Construction share some great tips on getting started.

1. Get Inspired.

She Sheds are really trending right now, so there are a lot of ideas out there! Pinterest offers hundreds of design and build projects to inspire you.

2. Determine how you’ll use your She Shed.

When it comes to building your She Shed, there are no set rules. You can use it for whatever purpose you want or need. However, a space designed for reading is going to look a lot different than a space used for small afternoon tea gatherings, or private yoga sessions. Once you identify the primary purpose of your She Shed, you’ll know what size it needs to be.

3. Get the appropriate permits.

A She Shed is considered an accessory structure and for this reason, it’s important to check with your town or city about any required permits. The professionals at Cormack Construction can take care of this for you, ensuring that your She Shed stays within permitted setbacks and height limits.

4. Make your She Shed mesh with your home and backyard.

While your She Shed is a separate structure, it shouldn’t clash with the design and detailing of your home and outdoor space. “Be sure your She Shed compliments your home and your backyard surroundings. Otherwise, it can detract from the value of your property,” explains Dave Norton, designer at Cormack Construction.

5. Consider using 3-D Design

To make sure you’re getting exactly what you want in your She Shed, consider getting a 3-D design before construction begins. “Doing so will allow you to take a virtual walk around your space, making sure it meets your wants and needs,” says Norton, who is a master of 3-D design. Dave notes that 3-D design also saves you from paying for costly last-minute changes.

6. Maximize your space with built-in storage and furniture.

To maximize the use of your space, have a smart design plan that includes built-in storage and furniture. “Built-ins allow you to make the most of your space and provide a timeless look and feel,” Norton points out.

Photo: Todd Foster,

Sandra Foster of upstate New York stands on the front porch of her 9’ by 14’ She Shed.

7. Make it yours.

Your She Shed is your special place, so don’t hesitate to design and decorate it in whatever theme you like—from shabby chic, to country primitive, to rustic. Be sure to include a few of your favorite things—pictures, sculptures, tapestries, rugs, etc.

8. Make it comfortable.

Your She Shed should make you feel relaxed, comfortable, and cozy. Splurge on your favorite fabrics and pillows. After all, this is your space!

9. Bring the outside in.

Bring the outside in your She Shed with windows, glass panels, or a sky light. Nothing brightens a space like natural light, and when your backyard is in full bloom, your space will be especially enjoyable. To bring even more of the outside in, decorate the inside of your She Shed with floral fabrics and prints and bring in some of your favorite outdoor blooms.

Building a She Shed in NH’s Lake Region, White Mountains, and Western Maine

Looking to build a She Shed in NH or ME? Contact the professionals at Cormack Construction. We’ll help you transform your ideas into a dream space that’s all your own.

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