When you’re a homeowner, it seems like there’s always something to do to maintain the appearance, operation, and safety of your home. And prioritizing which home maintenance projects need the greatest attention can be a challenge. This is where home maintenance assessments come in. Fall is a great time to schedule a home maintenance assessment, so you can take care of any issues before the harsh New England weather is upon us.

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Similar to a home inspection, a home maintenance assessment helps you identify any potential issues or maintenance concerns. Cormack’s experienced team of home builders and remodelers will conduct a thorough assessment of your home from top to bottom, providing you with a detailed report of their findings. Some of the areas we’ll look for include:

  • Roof, siding, or gutter damage
  • Insulation problems
  • Mold, moss, or algae growth
  • Leaks or moisture issues
  • Foundation cracks
  • Structural weaknesses
  • Building code compliance problems

Identifying problems that would go unnoticed.

“During a home maintenance assessment, we often identify problems that would go unnoticed to the untrained eye,” explains Mark Hounsell, Project Manager at Cormack Construction. Mark notes that over time, many of these unaddressed issues can become larger, costlier problems. “After we thoroughly assess your home, we’ll prioritize those areas that need the greatest attention,” he adds.

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Protecting the value of your home.

Your home is likely the largest investment you’ll ever make. And like anything of great value, it needs ongoing attention and care to preserve and protect it. For example, if you have light holes or moisture in your attic, you may have a serious roofing problem. You could be one major snow storm away from devastating damage to your home and everything inside it. If it’s been a while since you’ve had a professional take a thorough look at your home, it’s a good time to schedule a home maintenance assessment.

Home Maintenance Assessments in NH’s Lakes Region, White Mountains, and Western ME

Owning a home doesn’t have to be overwhelming. Cormack’s trusted team of professionals can help you assess your home from top to bottom, identifying any maintenance issues that need to be addressed. Contact us today to schedule your fall home maintenance assessment.

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