In previous blogs, we’ve discussed the many benefits of working with an architect when building a new custom home. Like any home building specialist, an architect brings added value. In addition to building a home that makes the most of your lot, an architect is well-versed in which utilities are available to you, how your property can be accessed by road, and whether any city or municipal restrictions apply.

Selecting an Architect

Ideally, it’s good to find an architect BEFORE you purchase your land. Why? Because they can tell you if the property you’re considering is suitable for the type of home you plan to build. Your architect will also know how to design and place your home so it makes the most of your lot’s views, sunlight, shade, vegetation, and other unique features.

In-House Architects

Many homebuilders, like Cormack Construction, have architects and designers on staff. “Having an in-house team of architects and designers provides many benefits to our clients,” notes Alyssa Mendez, project manager at Cormack. “One of the greatest benefits is that, because they work so closely with our builders, they are acutely aware of how their design and material choices will impact the final building cost of a home,” she adds.

Independent Architects

While working with a builder’s in-house architect has its benefits, you may already know an architect who understands your personal style and can easily translate your ideas for a custom home into a final design. This shouldn’t be a problem for your builder. “In the end, it’s about meeting the needs of our customers. If you’re comfortable with bringing in an independent architect, we are too,” Mendez says.

Architects and Custom Home Builders in NH’s Lakes Region, White Mountains, and Western ME

For over 40 years, Cormack Construction Management has successfully designed and built custom homes in New Hampshire’s Lakes Region and White Mountains, and Western Maine. Whether we work with your architect or one from our in-house team, we’ll build a custom home that meets your personal style and fits in with your budget. Contact us to discuss your dream home.

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